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Teal Haviland Author's Korner

I'm so excited to introduce you guys to this weeks' guest on K.B.'s Author's Korner! I met her on Facebook this past Summer, and I'll be meeting her in person at this years' UtopYA convention. She and I have become very good friends, and I absolutely adore her. Want to see why, me the queen of mean loves this chick? Well read her guest post below, and fall in love with my friend too! **BUT, be warned... I don't share well ;)

Hmmm . . . I am supposed to tell you a bit about me . . .
One of the most inspiring things for me when I write is music. Even when I’m not writing it helps to keep me grounded in that creative side of my mind. I have a deep affinity for music, and hope to put some of the lyrics I have written to music on day. So . . . what are some of my favorite artists to listen to when I write? Here is a sample from a very large and very diverse list of my faves:
Alexadre Desplat ~ His contributions to the Twilight Saga.

Florence + The Machine ~ Anything that woman does I listen to . . . she’s brilliant.

Lana Del Ray ~ Born to Die CD

Muse, Muse, and more Muse

Olafur Arnalds ~ It’s all brilliance . . . all of it.

Sarah McLachlan ~ Seriously . . . I can listen to everything she’s done a million times.

Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, and techno/industrial/dub-step songs that have a hard edge to them ~ For when I’m writing edgier scenes.

Mazzy Star ~ She’s great for moody scenes.

Ed Sheeran ~ Love him.

Howard Shore ~ The Lord of the Rings Trilogy scores.
The Civil Wars ~ Everything they’ve done, which unfortunately is not a lengthy list.

Basement Jaxx ~ Scars . . . this song is sooo the theme song for The Reaping Chronicles. It fits the mood well.  

I have 676 songs on my writing playlist, so what you just read barely scratches the surface. If you ever want to know more of them, just ask here or message me on one of my Facebook links and I will be happy to share more!

My top three movies would be . . . ugh . . . that’s a hard one, but I think they would be The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Aliens, and the Bourne movies. I already want to continue to add to these because there are so many, and books are going to be just as bad if not worse.
Top three books in no particular order and I am already having anxiety because of only having three to pick from which is the reason for this run-on sentence and why I still haven’t gotten around to beginning that list for you because it is impossible to pick my top three I feel heart palpitations coming on and the room is growing darker as the edges of my world are starting to close in on me oh no I don—
Okay . . . darn it, sorry about that. I blacked out for a minute. Let me get these out of me before I begin to have another panic attack:
Graceling ~ by Kristen Cashore
Mists of Avalon ~ by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Lord of the Rings Trilogy ~ J. R. R. Tolkien
Favorite TV shows: The Walking Dead, Destination Truth, So You Think You Can Dance, Haven, Ghost Hunters and GHI, Once Upon A Time, American Horror Story/Asylum, Big Bang Theory.
Person I would most like to spend the day with? Well, that one’s easy . . . Johnny Depp. Why? Well . . .  so he would fall in love with me and then I could have his babies, of course! That, and I find him very interesting.
So . . . enough of me assuming what you want to know.
What would you like to know? Would you like to know who would be on my zombie apocalypse team if I could pick them, why I quit high school or why I’ve always felt like an outsider, who has been most influential in my life, which superhero I most identify with, what I think is the most important thing to remember as you walk your path in life, or would you like to know about the things I’ve seen since I was a little girl? Don’t be shy . . . ask away. :}

Author Biography
Teal Haviland lives in Tennessee with her daughter and her four-legged friends. She enjoys photography, travel, reading, music, cooking, daydreaming, writing (of course), and above all spending time with her family and friends.

Teal grew up with a love for anything fantastical or outrageous. After years of dreaming of worlds where fairies, angels, demons, and shape shifters (to name a few) exist, she finally decided to begin writing her stories down. Inception, book one in her series The Reaping Chronicles, is her first published novel.

The world is in danger. Mankind is sinking deeper into darkness it cannot understand.

Demons are easily capturing souls as they lead men and women down dangerous paths from which there is no return, while Javan, one of the Fallen, seeks an ancient book and the power it promises. If he succeeds, humans — and the world as they know it — will be destroyed.

There is someone who is capable of stopping Javan . . .                                                     

If she discovers him in time.

Gabrielle is one of the most powerful angels ever created, her job one of the most important. She has come to Earth to learn more about humans and what influences them, and to fight evil she sees growing at an alarming rate. She soon finds herself carelessly distracted with one human in particular, however. Lucas Watkins holds a promise of peace and love for Gabrielle that she never believed she could have again.

As feelings between her and Lucas become more than she can deny, so do the dangers mounting against him. After discovering who Lucas is, and the choice he faces, she realizes Darkness will come for him through demons and fantastical beings he thought only existed in his imaginings — forcing fairytales to become his reality.

Caught between her new mortal ties and ancient immortal responsibilities, Gabrielle must race against what seems to be an ever-quickening clock to learn what she needs to know, protect Lucas, uncover Javan’s plan, and find a way to stop him and all who live in Shadows.

Things become more complex than she ever anticipated, her decisions more critical, and what begins as a quest for information rapidly places her in an even more crucial position within the longest and most important war ever waged.

Join Gabrielle and her allies in a story of love – past and present – fantastical beings, hidden realms, magic, fate, loss, and the fight of good versus evil.

If you would like to read the interview my main character in The Reaping Chronicles, Gabrielle, did on me, or her incarnation scene, you can find them both in my Goodreads blog. The interview turned out really interesting. I am what’s called a pantser when I write. If you don’t know what that means, it simply means I write by the seat of my pants. The scenes I write aren’t planned out, so I am as much in the dark about where things are going as a reader reading the book would be. I love to write that way, it’s a kick. Anyway, because of that I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down to write the interview and I found out something by the end of it that completely took me by surprise. It reads more like a story than an interview, and you get insight into how I came up with Gabrielle, the Angel of Karma and The Reaping Chronicles.

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As always, until next time... Twitchy Witchy Kisses,
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