Monday, July 20, 2015

Chaps and Cauldrons by M.R. Polish

Candy Bishop's baking career is taking off with more orders than she can keep up with. Word spreads fast when her cupcakes make the man of a customer's dreams fall in love with them.

Too bad the darn things didn't work for her. Every day Candy's reminded that time isn't on her side. She hates that the fate of her magic relies on whether or not she finds true love.

Determined to avoid falling in love again - at all costs - Drake Evans rolls into town looking for work. Anything to take his mind off his previous relationship. Coming from a big ranch in Montana, he can wrangle with the best of them, and he heard the Wild Saddle was hiring.

Something in the man's haunting gaze pushes Candy to make it her personal goal to see Drake smile. But will helping him find happiness lose her everything she holds dear before he accepts her heart?

*Chaps and Cauldrons is a Saddles and Spells Novella*

Well if this isn't the sweetest love story I've ever read so far! This is the second book in the series. The first, Spells and Saddles, was wonderfully written so I am NOT disappointed here. I am adoring M.R. Polish more every time I read more of her work. It's clean YA so I can share with my nieces.

Maybe it's because I have such a sweet tooth but Candy is my FAVORITE character so far. I love this girl's spunk. Oh she's not letting a little old thing like a curse stand in her way of happiness. She is pushing on with her life and if love happens to come along, well darn it ... this gal is going for it! 

So along comes this dreamy cowboy looking for work on her BFF's ranch. OMG ....Drake has been burned by love and thinks he can swear off women for awhile. He was NOT expecting this redheaded bakery owner to come into his life and teach him something about love and life. You just HAVE  to read all about this cowboy!

Magic works wonders and when you throw love in the mix ... you've got a really good book. I give this book........

About the Author

M.R. Polish was born in Idaho, a long, long, long, maybe not that long time ago.... Writing has always been there for her. Growing up, her mind was filled with stories, some she shared and others she filed away to write down later in life. It wasn't until 2011 that she decided to publish her stories for everyone to enjoy. 

Now you can find her enjoying life with her family - wrangling her four kids, setting traps in the house with toys for unsuspecting victims (aka, her husband) and writing down all her crazy and fun stories

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