Friday, October 25, 2013

Uh-oh is here!!!!!!!

Halloween is going to be interesting this year! 

Witches, Magic and Zombies, oh my!
That’s what’s in store for Abby, Kenzie and Caleb Stewart when one of them check a mysterious book out of the library on Halloween.  
As the magic spells fly from the book, an evil witch is released and Caleb is turned into his Halloween costume... a Zombie.  
This Halloween will be a whole new adventure for Abby, Kenzie and Caleb Stewart.  Will Abby and Hannah be able to reverse the mixed up spell? Or, will their little brother be a Zombie forever?

Spooky fun and adventure is on its way in
Uh-oh! We turned our brother into a... Zombie?

This is the first book in The Magic Library Book series!
Coming this Christmas;
Have a Fairy Christmas!

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blood Moon Blog Tour!!!!

Title: Blood Moon 
Author: K.B. Miller
Series: Moon Coven (A Coven Series Novella) {#2.5}
Genre: Paranormal Romance/YA
Publisher: BKC Publishing
Release Date: TBA
The Vampires have declared war on the Moon Coven ...
You would think that would be Leeny Moon’s biggest trouble this time around, but two jealous guys make the horde of hungry vampires gunning for the powerful witch seem like a day at the park.
Leeny has embraced her birthright. She is next in line to lead the coveted Moon coven. Out of fear of history repeating itself, Leeny made her first kill, and for the last three years her sole mission has been to drive the vampires out of Ireland. With the help of neighboring covens she is not alone in her pursuit.
However, the close friendship developing between Finn O’Donnell and Leeny is causing a problem in her budding relationship with Seamus McNamara.
The future is up in the air as the creatures from her nightmares invade the tiny fishing town of Galway Bay, Ireland ... again. The revenge they seek is simple─Leeny’s blood. Who will survive the war on this Blood Moon?

Title: Haunted Moon
Author: K.B. Miller
Series: The Moon Coven Series (0.5)
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal/Vampires
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Mar 27 2012

Before Lilyann stepped into her destiny to lead the coven, there was another powerful Moon witch...her grandmother. 

A teenage witch-to-be in Galway, Ireland, Leeny Moon was prepared to take her rightful place in the circle along side of her family. That was until she witnessed firsthand the forthcoming nightmares she would be expected to face, vampires.

The fight between good versus evil begins here...

Blessed Be~ 

Title: Compulsion
Author: K.B. Miller
Series: The Moon Coven Series (1)
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal/Vampires
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Nov 1 2011

A family secret kept hidden has been exposed, and the consequences could be deadly.

After Lilyann Moon's beloved grandmother dies shrouded by a veil of mystery, she and her young family members are yanked from their completely normal lives and catapulted directly into the supernatural world of witchcraft. A world they know absolutely nothing about.

The town of Hampstead, Maryland has no idea of the monsters that lurk in their midst. Or, of the dangers they will face if the Moon Coven doesn't figure out how to embrace the magick within each of them, especially Lily.

She's suddenly up to her little pointy black hat in magickal problems. Destiny presented her with one more, and it's a big one - vampires.

The only bright spot in this nightmare was meeting Mason. But, is she in love with the enemy? Lilyann is in a race against time to save her town and coven. Will she survive the coming dangers, with her heart and neck intact?

It all comes down to this one night...

All Hallows Eve.

Title: Harvest Moon
Author: K.B. Miller
Series: The Moon Coven Series (1.5)
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal/Vampires
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 1 2012

Seventeen-year-old Lochlan Moon had been groomed his entire life to accept the torch that would eventually be handed to him, and step into his destiny - to be the most powerful witch in almost five hundred years. He put his heart and soul into mastering a craft passed down through the generations of his ancestral bloodline.

Between the savage murder of a family member, and vanishing classmates, doubts that he'd kept buried began to resurface. Someone or something is on a monstrous killing spree in his home town of Hampstead. Lochlan is determined to help stop whatever it is.

All the while, his future within the family's circle teeters on a deadly precipice.

Will any of the witches survive to harness the magick within... after the Harvest Moon?

Title: Conversion
Author: K.B. Miller
Series: The Moon Coven Series (2)
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal/Vampires
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Late Fall 2013

Mason loves her.
Dax needs her. 
Maylee still wants her dead.

The Moon Coven series continues as the highly coveted Spirit Witch, Lilyann Moon, settles into her new destiny─ putting an end to the curse her family initiated more than five hundred years ago, once and for all.

If only her new relationship was as easy to figure out as what she’s going to wear to the annual Winter Ball.

After narrowly escaping the fight in October with his life, her boyfriend, Mason Shaw, is determined to drive a wedge between them with his overprotective ways.

As usual, everything goes to hell in a hand basket as one of their own is kidnapped. Lily must travel across the “pond”, back to her family’s homeland, to retrieve the lost member. Along the way, she must ally herself with an enemy from her past and work with a ragtag band of hunters that don’t believe that she has it in her to do what needs to be done.
Sometimes, there really is no turning back...

Can the Moon Coven save their lost member? Or will they wind up sacrificing themselves in the end?

Okay, so I'm supposed to tell you about me...
Seriously, if I wrote a book about myself it would take you ten minutes to read and you would be bored stiff after the first two! LOL
I'm a full-time writer, wife, and mother. Which basically means there's always a surplus of pencils lost somewhere in my hair, I usually have some place to be (I'm always late), I have a bad habit of calling family and friends random character's names (from my books), I talk to myself because no one else listens to me, and I can throw together a mean dinner for eight with only ten minutes notice and four ingredients in the pantry, LOL.
If you can't find me on the sidelines of my sons' football games, online, cooking, cleaning, shopping, at the local coffee joint or on the phone wandering aimlessly throughout my house then I've probably hidden myself in my "bat-cave" to write.
I have a positive attitude, and absolute fun-loving approach to life. That makes it easy for the voices in my head to take over on a regular basis providing endless hours of entertainment for my pleasure, and hopefully yours.
Random facts about me:
~My favorite color is pink
~I have a Bishon Frise puppy named Cullen Edward
~My favorite music is hip-hop
~I have a severe addiction to coffee. So much so, that those in my inner circle refuse to speak to me before caffeine O'clock! True Story
Enjoy the ride.

Places to find K.B.

Places to find The Moon Coven Series 

Haunted Moon {.5}
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Compulsion {1}
Harvest Moon {1.5}
Conversion {2}

Blood Moon {2.5}

Tour Schedule
Kicking it off is my AH-mazeballs personal assistant, Jeni on
Jeni's Bookshelf, Reviews, Swag & More Oct 25
Make sure to check out her page for Blood Moon giveaways this weekend!
Books A to Z Oct 25
A Page Away Oct 27
My World Oct 30
Skin & Bones  Oct 31

OMG!!!!! The Vampire Hunter's Daughter is back!!!!!

It’s been six months since the Talon Building fell and the world is now a very different place then it once was.

Zander and I still can’t get through the shield that Alice put up around Arcadia Falls, which is probably a not such a bad thing at this point. Almost the entire community is ticked off at me for pretty much triggering the vampire apocalypse.

Yeah, that’s right … vampire apocalypse.

Dahlia warned me, and she wasn’t kidding. In the last several months baby vampires have been popping up everywhere all over the world. These young vampires have no control whatsoever and are killing anything that crosses their paths.

So … we train and we fight and we kill them.

The world is changing, people were all obsessed with that stupid zombie apocalypse and preparing for that when they really should have been worried about what to do if half the population suddenly turned into vampires. 

Six months ago, people were oblivious to vampires, to the monsters lurking in the shadows and now they are fighting them in the streets simply to stay alive.

The community of Arcadia Falls is right to shun me, I did this. I am supposed to kill these demons and save people, but instead, I made a bad decision that is now getting people killed. More than just getting people killed, it’s was a decision that is diminishing our population.

Now that the world is aware of what kind of creatures are out there, the Hunters have also come out into the open. It’s crazy, but it’s a necessity. The hunters are pretty much the only people equipped to fight the vampires, so the rest of the population just lets them. 
Training centers have even opened so that people can learn how to defend themselves. Sort of like a self-defense class, but instead of learning how to stop a purse thief or a sexual assault, people are learning how to off a vampire.

Each day, the television and the papers have more bad news for us. Hunters can’t be called in from anywhere else because they are just as busy as we are, trying to kill them off. The vampires are turning faster than we can kill them. 

We are basically screwed. 

The world is going to crap and it’s all my fault. 

I am not giving up yet. None of the hunters are, it’s just not our way. But, we seriously need a better plan because killing them off one by one doesn’t seem to be helping much. 

Meanwhile, nothing else matters. Every other problem that I thought I had before is now miniscule and forgotten. I have to make this right. What I don’t know is how I am going to make it right, so until then, I am just going to take them out one at a time. 

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Major Giveaway!!!


 The Spooky Spectacular Event will kick off Friday and run through midnight Sunday (Oct 18-20). Featuring 60+ of today's hottest authors, $1,000 in prizes and tons of awesome giveaways (Kindle Fires anyone? Coach wristlets?), the event is going to be a blast!

And most importantly, readers will be able to fill up their Kindles with incredible ebooks, all priced at .99! Check out all the gorgeous books at the event's webpage. Just click here!

RSVP at the event's FB page to be automatically entered into the drawing for one of three Kindle Fires! Click here to visit the event page. Instructions for earning extra entries for the drawing will be on the event page! Additional links to Rafflecopter entries for other giveaways will also be available on the event page as well. A special thank you goes out to Lisa Markson, Leanne Jacobson, Stephanie Shaw and Emily Rae for all their help with the event. You all rock! Spooky Spectacular sponsored by ...
Lizzy Ford (Website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Julia Crane (Website, Facebook page, Twitter)

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Blog Tour The Descending Darkness by Michael Chulsky

Today, we welcome author, Michael Chulsky to the blog as part of the blog tour for his book The Descending Darkness! Take it away, Michael and congrats on the new book! xoxo

Earliest Writing Memory

I’m here with the extremely talented K.B. Miller, author of the Moon Coven Series, to talk about my earliest writing memory.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an active imagination. In fact, if you were to travel back in time and talk to some people from my past, they’d say I have an OVERactive imagination – but that’s beside the point. I always let my imagination carry me to different places and while it certainly kept me entertained…it often got me into trouble.

In fourth grade, I was placed into the class of a new teacher. And since I was quite a handful, she wasn’t quite experienced enough to teach me. Long story short, my parents got involved and the principals were trying to decide where to place me. I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I had a reading teacher named Mrs. Becker. I brought it up and they asked her if she would have me. She couldn’t believe that I was “causing trouble” for another teacher and even though she already had quite a full class, she told them she’d love to have me.

The thing about Mrs. Becker is that she was very wise and she always seemed to know how exactly to handle me and my imagination. She never raised her voice or anything like that. It was just that she had patience and the ability to communicate properly with her students. And it’s for that reason why I remember her so fondly today.

One of Mrs. Becker’s techniques to help with my creativity overload was that she allowed me to make a sort of mini-class newspaper. It wasn’t a huge distribution or anything – I would take like five or six sheets of paper, come up with a silly headline and some fun articles. During our break time, she would let me pass it around and the classmates, who wanted to read it, would. Seeing them laugh and have fun reading my work is the seed that slowly cultivated into my desire to become an author. I realized that I could make people happy through my work and I never wanted to stop.

Author Bio:
Michael Chulsky grew up in New Jersey and has been writing ever since his fourth grade teacher let him create a class newspaper to channel his creativity. He is the author of The Descending Darkness and currently lives with his fiancé. When not writing he enjoys browsing Tumblr, listening to music, and devouring every piece of cheesecake that falls into his line of sight.

After going from demon hunter to babysitter, seventeen-year-old SHADOW has truly hit rock bottom. One week he’s slaughtering demons, and the next he has ten super-powered teenagers in his care. Shadow needs them, because without them he can’t hope to defeat his new foe. But he’s never dealt with other teenagers before. He never had a real childhood. He’s always been a loner. Hell, he’s tried the whole having-a-pet thing. It died.

Shadow’s mission: save the world and ensure his entire team survives the potential apocalypse. If MAEDARA, self-proclaimed fashionista and Queen of Evil, wasn’t trying to rule the world, it’d be cake. Now, not only does Shadow have to deal with teens more concerned with going to the mall than fighting evil, but also a villain who, in his opinion, makes Lady Gaga look like Mother Theresa.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday... it's my funda... no wait, it's my...

Catch up on everything that I didn't get finished during the weekday! Balls.

I'm running on sheer adrenaline after this last week. Hopefully I can get back to posting on a normal schedule soon. I hope that you're able to stop and allow Sunday to be your funday! 


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Thursday, October 3, 2013

A little something for Thirsty Thursday!

It's Thirsty Thursday here, and it's a good one :)
Now that we've hit October, give this drink a try!

Fill a glass with ice, add 1 1/2 shots of Pinnacle Caramel Apple Vodka and fill the rest of the glass with Apple Cider. Stir with a straw. Be careful though. It tastes so much like a caramel apple that you could get into trouble. So be responsible!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


We did it! We made it to October and with it's arrival we have giveaways and parties for you!!!
Click on the pictures to join the events! Make sure that you tell your friends. There are TONS of prizes!!

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