Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Review of Ghost Diaries Case #1 by Willow Cross

While rifling through her deceased father’s belongings, a young woman named Taija Ford discovered a maze of files filled with journal entries and old letters that mention various claims of hauntings and alleged demonic possession. The oldest dating back to 1881.
This particular file asserts a girl named Sarah Beth Hawkins was attacked by an unseen entity. In an attempt to piece together her father’s previously secret life, Taija opened her own investigation into these Ghost Diaries. This is Case #1-Sarah Beth Hawkins.

Ghost Diaries is a series of episodic short stories.

My Review
5 cups of expresso
I'm not sure what to say... I'm once again floored at the caliber of writing this Author offers to the Literary community at large. Willow Cross has the ability to weave magic into her words, providing the reader with a real glimpse into her characters worlds. So much so, that you feel like you are there... experiencing it yourself. Ghost Diaries kept me up at night, yet made me long for the next installment! Kudos to Willow Cross and her new hit series,  Ghost Diaries!
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