Monday, January 21, 2013

My Review of Twisted by Jenny Phillips

Gianna’s life has not been easy. She’s merely counted down the days until she can leave Fort Miami, with all the stares and whispers behind. However, when her childhood friend Hunter returns, it forces her to face memories she’s tried to forget. But what memories are real and which ones are that of an eight year old’s imagination?

Hunter doesn’t remember anything from that horrific night. Can Gianna trust someone who seems to have forgotten her once before? Can she put the pieces of that night together before it’s too late and she loses everyone she loves, even if that means believing in something that she’s only faced in her nightmares?

Twisted is the first installment in A Twisted Fairy Tale Novella Series.

My Review

5 cups of expresso
This was one of those little gems that kept my attention from beginning to end. It's a short story series, and I really appreciate the fact that more authors are putting these out. Being a writer myself, sometimes I only have time for a quick read and this fit the bill. 
I completely fell in love with the Hansel and Gretel twist on this story. Gianna and Hunter jump from the page and come to life in your mind. One of my pet peeves is a one dimensional or flat character. Jenny Phillips has breathed life into fresh characters and an amazing twist on an old tale.

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Make sure you pick up the sequel, Distorted. I have it on my kindle and hope to get to it soon <3 
Until next time, Twitchy Witchy Kisses. ~K.B., xoxo

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