Thursday, February 28, 2013

Self-Publishing 101 Episode #8 Blurbs

Welcome to Self-Publishing 101
Today we will be discussing the importance of a strong blurb for your book.
Don’t forget to join us next week with K.B. Miller while we discuss NOT responding to reviews.
As for building a strong blurb, blurbs are the one of the most important challenges when it comes to publishing your book. It is the cover that first draws people to your book, but then next thing they do is read the blurb. These two things are what will lead a reader to buy your book.
In this episode, we will talk about this, but also some tips and tricks on how to build a strong blurb.
Below there are links to a few good blog posts on how to write a blurb. I encourage you to check them out. Like I always say, research is the key to all success in self-publishing.

Recommended Blog Posts on Building a Blurb.
How to Write a Blurb (Back Cover Copy) by Marylynn Byerly

Remember that building an excellent blurb will probably take more than one try, so be patient and don’t rush into calling it a final version.
Jennifer Malone Wright
K.B. Miller

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