Thursday, May 9, 2013

Self-Publishing 101 Episode #14 Launch Parties

So, you're ready to launch your book, huh? Well check out the video of some prizes that are out there for you to consider giving away! PLUS... as always under the video I've left a few helpful links to get you on your way to a successful launch party! I'll be expecting my invite :)
Tips for your launch party:
1. Pick a date.
2. Send out invites a couple of weeks before.
3. Make sure that you have invited the "right" crowd. (ie, readers, bloggers and reviewers)
4. Plan your games in advance. 
5. Get other authors of your genre involved. (Giving away their stuff helps both of you)
6. Get your prizes ready!
7. Have fun! Your perspective readers want to get to know you just as much as your book... they want to have fun with you. PLUS... you've worked your ass off for this moment... ENJOY IT! Let me be the first person to say... CONGRATS!
I hope this has been of some help:) Check out the links below for some of the amazing people I spoke about in the video!

Jennifer Malone Wright

K.B. Miller

As always, until next time...
Kymberlee, xoxo

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