Saturday, June 8, 2013

My review of Taking Talon by Jennifer Malone Wright

The Arcadia Falls Chronicles continues with Chloe, Drew and the rest of their small group training hard for the impending attack on the Talon Building, the hub of business for all vampires. 

The board of vampire hunters has refused to help them, leaving only a select few hunters who will risk the anger of the board by joining the mission. 

Together, this small group infiltrates the depths of Talon. There, Chloe finds that one crucial mistake will cause a problem far worse than any of them could have imagined.

My Review
5 Owls
I feel the need to quote a Brittney Spears' song right now, "Oops, she did it again!" I was one of the lucky few asked to beta read Taking Talon. I became a fan of Chloe from The Vampire Hunter's Daughter before I became best friends with her creator, Jennifer Malone Wright. In this installment, as a reader we get to see Chloe grow and evolve into a fierce, protective and smart vampire hunter. At the same time, we are pulled into her budding relationship with her half brother, Zander. The melee between Team Drew and Team Gavin takes an awesome twist during a pivotal moment.
I have to say that Alice is quickly becoming a character I crave to read more about with each installment:) I cannot recommend this book, or this series for that matter highly enough! If you haven't met Chloe, get started with The Vampire Hunter's Daughter Part 1. It's always FREE and trust me... you'll get sucked in. Don't be surprised if you find yourself telling your friends... It's always Vampire Hunting Season!

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I love this cast of characters!

Don't forget Taking Talon Releases June 12, 2013!!

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