Wednesday, June 26, 2013

School's out for Summer...

Many writers including myself will be pondering new ways to juggle our writing careers and spending quality time with the kiddies now that school is out and the babies are home.

This is something that I'm struggling desperately with at the moment. My monkey is a very active eleven year old and for him, Summer means uninterrupted Xbox time, spending days in the pool, with friends at the lake, and a whole lot of mom carting kids around to different places at the same time I need to write, market and get ready for upcoming conventions, signings and book releases.

So... I'm turning to you, my friends, fans and unknown stalkers ;) What ideas do you guys have to balance both jobs this Summer?
Don't be nervous, your suggestion could save an author <3

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  1. As a mother of 5, best suggestion is to make schedules with the other parents. Car pool idea that one day it's you, next day someone else, etc. Best to always have a schedule set up that you and your child can mutually agree on. His times for Xbox are..... Mom's time for writing is....... This time is for us...... Written passes to allow an interruption that has to be turned in so he manages his time wisely if it will interfere with your time. Ex: He knows that mom writes between 9am and 11am but he HAS to go with Tom to the park and it's the ONLY time he can go. He hands off his pass to you and it leaves him with 5 for the rest of the summer. Once passes are gone, no more interuptions. Same for you. Then he feels he has "equal" power to you changing his scheduled plans. Go over it weekly and make sure it's working for everyone involved. Just some ideas. We love summer with our kids but we miss "our" alone time. Good luck :)