Monday, September 16, 2013

It's HERE!!! Once Upon A Zombie Apocalypse- Episode 2 by Jennifer Malone Wright

Since Once Upon A Zombie Apocalypses' release in March, you guys have been clamoring for the next installment. Well, the wait is over! Once Upon A Zombie Apocalypse Episode #2 is here!!!!

The second installment of Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse continues as Jade and Kylee fight their way out of Virginia Beach and head toward the Mason Dixon line. There, they hope to find Kylee’s family alive and well. 

The virus, which is turning the world’s population into zombies, is spreading faster than either of them would have imagined. Chaos now plagues what is left of society, leaving death and destruction rioting in the streets. Many of the survivors have gone into hiding in order to stay alive.

Jade and Kylee refuse to hide. The need to find their families is even stronger than their will to live, and it is the driving force on the journey to find their loved ones.

Grab your copy today on Amazon!

If you haven't started the journey into the new world, today is a perfect day to begin because both versions of Episode #1 are FREE!

Episode #3 releases in October!

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  1. i recently found your Once Upon A Zombie Apocalypse books, i love them hard. quick question, they come out one a year?

    1. Hiya Shannon! Thank you so much <3 My co-author and I are trying to put one out every 6 months. However, we each have our independent writings at play also. But, I can tell you that Episode 3 will be out before the end of the year <3 Remember, in the event of the Apocalypse... bring your Jimmy Choo's ;) ~K.B.