Thursday, October 24, 2013

OMG!!!!! The Vampire Hunter's Daughter is back!!!!!

It’s been six months since the Talon Building fell and the world is now a very different place then it once was.

Zander and I still can’t get through the shield that Alice put up around Arcadia Falls, which is probably a not such a bad thing at this point. Almost the entire community is ticked off at me for pretty much triggering the vampire apocalypse.

Yeah, that’s right … vampire apocalypse.

Dahlia warned me, and she wasn’t kidding. In the last several months baby vampires have been popping up everywhere all over the world. These young vampires have no control whatsoever and are killing anything that crosses their paths.

So … we train and we fight and we kill them.

The world is changing, people were all obsessed with that stupid zombie apocalypse and preparing for that when they really should have been worried about what to do if half the population suddenly turned into vampires. 

Six months ago, people were oblivious to vampires, to the monsters lurking in the shadows and now they are fighting them in the streets simply to stay alive.

The community of Arcadia Falls is right to shun me, I did this. I am supposed to kill these demons and save people, but instead, I made a bad decision that is now getting people killed. More than just getting people killed, it’s was a decision that is diminishing our population.

Now that the world is aware of what kind of creatures are out there, the Hunters have also come out into the open. It’s crazy, but it’s a necessity. The hunters are pretty much the only people equipped to fight the vampires, so the rest of the population just lets them. 
Training centers have even opened so that people can learn how to defend themselves. Sort of like a self-defense class, but instead of learning how to stop a purse thief or a sexual assault, people are learning how to off a vampire.

Each day, the television and the papers have more bad news for us. Hunters can’t be called in from anywhere else because they are just as busy as we are, trying to kill them off. The vampires are turning faster than we can kill them. 

We are basically screwed. 

The world is going to crap and it’s all my fault. 

I am not giving up yet. None of the hunters are, it’s just not our way. But, we seriously need a better plan because killing them off one by one doesn’t seem to be helping much. 

Meanwhile, nothing else matters. Every other problem that I thought I had before is now miniscule and forgotten. I have to make this right. What I don’t know is how I am going to make it right, so until then, I am just going to take them out one at a time. 

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