Friday, November 8, 2013

OUAZA Episode #3 Cover reveal!!!!!

You guys asked for it, and Jennifer Malone Wright and I have delivered! Here is the cover and blurb for #OUAZA- Episode #3

The third episode of Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse picks up as Kylee and Jade and their new rag-tag band of friends finally arrive in Pennsylvania. They venture further into this new world, searching for Kylee’s lost family.  

The zombie plague knows no bounds. Anyone can turn, at any time. Those that haven’t turned are becoming something far worse, cold-blooded murderers. The United States government is in tatters and the lawless now make the rules.

Kylee and Jade can’t turn back, and what lies ahead could be more than either of them can handle. Join your favorite zombie killers as they come face to face with love, loss and more zombies.

Episode #3 releases on Thursday, November 28, 2013!!! Mark your calendars and get your one-click fingers ready! This is going to be a bumpy ride!!

As always, until next time...

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