Friday, December 13, 2013

My Review of Cynders & Ashe by Elizabeth Boyle

Note: This is a short story (less than 10,000 words) and not a novella. Ella Cynders is a hired companion with a romantic bent. So when she switches places with her charge--who is determined to find true love and elope--it is Ella who falls head over heals in love with the very eligible Viscount Ashe. In one masked night, the viscount and Ella find passion and romance, and then tragically are whisked apart before the midnight unmasking. Now five years later, Ella has once again found a way to steal inside the coveted ball, but can she rekindle the magic they found together before her deception is unmasked? This short story was originally published in The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance and in print is 33 pages long.

My Review
5 Stars
I have only recently started reading contemporary romance in general, and historical romance was certainly at the bottom of that list. I picked up Cynders & Ashe for two reasons; the cover is gorgeous, and it's a short story. I figured that if I didn't enjoy it, I would only be out a little time. Boy, was I wrong! I loved this story. The author captured the very essence of the time period. Her descriptions of the peasants and the way they spoke as opposed to the more regal and the differences in the vernacular of London. I highly recommend this book. 

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