Monday, April 14, 2014

Blood Moon Teaser!

Since Blood Moon is releasing tomorrow, who wants a little teaser to wet your whistle? LOL! Well, here you go
October 1, 1950
I woke again this morning covered in a cold sweat after a mere hour of sleep. My dreams are constantly haunted with the reality of what is waiting for us on the horizon─ war. 

After what me, and others in my coven had done over the past few years to decimate their numbers we knew the vampires would seek revenge sooner or later. Of course, we were hoping for the latter. 
They have begun infesting the surrounding areas killing humans, and the stray witch when the opportunity presents itself. 

My friend, Finn brought word this morning that London had seen at least three dozen additional victims in less than a fortnight. The humans are oblivious as to the cause of the violence. Their newspapers speak of the possibility of a serial killer, or wild animal on the loose. As if a wild animal or a human with absolutely no magickal ability could inflict this magnitude of damage. All of the covens know the identity of the culprits, however in order to keep our existence a secret and not cause an even larger bout of hysteria, we cannot tell the humans who it is that hunts them. Instead, we go out and hunt the hunters. Those poor humans... oblivious.

Colleen and I each killed three of the abominations before returning home last night. I enjoyed the time hunting with my sister. She has matured so quickly as a witch since her initiation last year. Her tracking skills are top notch─ she reminds me of Ma. I watched as she baited the Barna Woods, just east of Rusheen Bay with her blood. She and I took positions in neighboring trees and waited. The foul beasts appeared almost immediately and we made easy work of them.

Since Da’s death last year, we haven’t had much time to enjoy the activities that sisters should. We’ve had to take turns staying with Ma and caring for Isadora. But, last night Uncle Wes agreed to stay with them and keep them safe as Colly and I went hunting. We needed that time desperately, even if it was spent doing our job and not normal things sisters’ do. Besides, normality is highly overrated.

Da was one of the last confirmed cases of the bubonic plague in Ireland. His death hit all of us hard, but none more so than our mother. She’s turned off all of her emotions, which has in effect rendered her defenseless against an attack. My heart longs to have my mother back─ the powerful witch that everyone feared and revered.

I can’t deny there are times when I am absolutely frustrated with her. It seems as if she’s either forgotten, or doesn’t care that Colleen, Isadora and I also lost our father. Immediately after he died, we needed her. We needed our mother to comfort us. However, that time has long since passed, now we need her in her right mind, especially if my dreams are correct and we are facing an impending war.

Colleen is gentle when dealing with our mother, so she took her to visit Aunt Fionna in an attempt to either get her to open up, or sadly, cast a spell to silence the pain. We are going to need her power if we are to even stand a chance.

Just before Da’s death, Seamus formally asked him if he could have permission to begin courting me. I don’t know how I would have made it through all of this without him. He holds me close to his chest as I cry, helps me with all of the chores that Da did around the cottage, and he’s extremely good with Isadora. She’s so young, and doesn’t understand what’s happening. And, with Colly and I constantly off fighting vampires, Seamus has stepped up and provided all of us with some semblance of stability and normality in our lives. But, I fear for them when I’m away. Isadora has little power and Seamus is human.

No matter how many I kill, it will never be enough. Not until the day I can finally say that every last one of the monstrosities my family created more than four centuries ago are no longer a threat to any man, woman, child, or witch. 

Blessed Be ~ Leeny

Until tomorrow ... on the Blood Moon

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