Thursday, September 4, 2014

***NEW RELEASE*** Ghosts From My Past by K.B. Miller

You've been waiting to hear my real ghost stories... well it's time! Ghosts From My Past is a collection of actual events that have happened to me. NONE of these stories have been exaggerated or embellished for entertainment purposes. They are told exactly as they happened. Names were changed to protect identities.

Scary movies have always frightened, yet fascinated me at the same time. But what truly sends shivers of fear up and down my spine is the reality of what lives in our very own homes, and most of the time, just out of sight: Ghosts.

That bump in the night you swear must be the dog. The sound of a girlish little giggle or the glimpse of a shadow from the corner of your eye, but you're the only one in the house. Have you ever put something down for just a moment, turn around and it's gone?

Well... I have, and these are a few of my REAL life ghost stories.

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