Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Journey with MS week #2

I have to say this week has been rough... to say the least. I'm back in the full swing of writing, editing, formatting, promoting, blogging, insta-twitter-facebooking (I made that word up! Yes, you can use it and you are welcome, lol), making graphics, networking with other authors, doing the mommy and wife thing, plus getting ready for Christmas. Whoo! I'm tired again just thinking about all I've done! And I've done it all while dealing with this bitch they call MS!!

Everyday is a struggle. I know that I need to rest, but I also don't want to disappoint you guys again. So, my happy medium is to work from bed most of the day, and when I feel a bit stronger I head downstairs (most of the time sliding on my ample bum) to take care of things that need to be done there. I'm quite proud of myself. I refuse to give up. My resolve is an inherited trait from my parents, and I'm embracing it. But I have to say, I'm one of the lucky ones. When I went to see my neurologist for the first time, my husband went with me of course. As I sat in the waiting room trying desperately to hand write legibly all of my medical information on the forms, my phone rang and the waiting room door opened. My dad was calling and Bryce's mom walked in the waiting room... both just wanting me to know that I had their support no matter what. The doctor told me that lots of MS patients don't have the network of family, friends, love, and support that I do. 

That's the moment that I knew, I would make it. It's a hard road to endure and not one that I willingly signed up for, but I'll take on the burden and instead of looking at my glass half empty, I smile to myself and say, "I say, looky there... I have a glass full of love, sunshine, and smiles!" Yeah, I'm gonna make it.
MS is such a debilitating disease, and I haven't told you guys EVERYTHING that it's done to me because it's personal. I've been asked if I would write a book about my journey and struggles. Maybe. I never say never, but right now I'm just happy decorating for Christmas, baking, writing again, talking to friends and family and just flat out living life. I'll be back next week with my weekly update, but until then... I think the graphic below pretty much sums it up!
Tune in next Saturday to see what adventures MS takes us on! LOL!

As always, until next time...


  1. Ok so I battle with Fibromyalgia and a list of other heath issues I won't bore you with and though the last 3 yrs have just seemed like one bad flare up after another,I think it pales in comparison to your MS.I struggle everyday to get things done and here you are being superwoman and getting it done! You are inspiration to all of us fighting chronic illness! <3

    1. Aww <3 Definitely NOT superwoman, lol! Being in almost a vegetative state for over 18 months, not knowing what I was saying or doing half the time... it just took finding the right doctor. The struggles are still there, and sometimes I still just want to give up, but I know that I would hate myself if I did. So I suffer in a great deal of pain daily and move on. My new team of doctors are amazing and are getting everything under piece by piece, so that I go into full remission and fingers crossed I stay there. Don't get down on yourself, if you can't do something, that's your body's way of telling you it needs rest. Listen to it :) <3 xoxo ~K.B.