Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mel's Review of Obsessive by Atoya Morris

Trevor Collins is quite content with his life as a reclusive vampire. He comes and goes as he pleases, takes blood and finds comfort in the arms of any female he chooses. But that all changes the night a small woman enters his life, near death due to a savage car accident. Set on saving her life and sending her on her way as soon as possible, he ignores the way his mind and body reacts to her. That is, before he inadvertently places her in even more danger. Now he will do anything—including sacrificing his own life—to protect her. Lindsay Peterson, a survivor of many hardships, finds herself saved from one terrible fate only to be thrust within the dangerous jaws of another. She is not looking for love, just survival, but when she unwittingly finds herself the target of a murderous vampire queen—one determined to see Lindsay on the receiving end of her massive fangs—it is a task seemingly more difficult than any she’s faced before. Even with Trevor by her side, will they be able to survive what the vampire queen has in store for them?

Mel's Review

2 Penguins
It was ok. The book was so short it almost shouldn't have been a paperback and there really wasn't enough detail to the characters or their back story to really get pulled in. I loved the idea of the three big characters but as two of them were very old vampires (one a vampire queen thousands of years old) I really would have liked to know more about them and what lead them to the point they were at in the story. It wasn't bad it just felt unfinished but definitely has potential to be really good with a little more detail.

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