Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Self-Publishing 101 with K.B. Miller and Jennifer Malone Wright Vlog #1

Welcome to the introduction episode of Self-Publishing 101 with your hosts, K.B. Miller and Jennifer Malone Wright. In the following year, we are going to give you the tips and tricks that we've learned about beta readers, editors, covers, internet etiquette, copyright, marketing, and many, many more topics!

The thumbnail for this video is hysterical!
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Jennifer Malone Wright
K.B. Miller
And, don't forget to join us next week when Jennifer talks "Internet Etiquette"!!!


  1. This is a great idea :D I did notice while watching the video, Kym you still have a 2012 calander up LoL ;)

  2. Awesome idea. I'm looking forward to the upcoming videos. I'm always up to learning more. Thank you so much for joining together to help new/old authors do the best and be the best they can. :)