Saturday, February 2, 2013

From the desk of the Twitchy Witch, K.B. Miller

First off, please know that it was so super hard keeping this a secret from you guys! Between Facebook, Twitter, my Website, and here on the blog I post daily, letting you all know what's going on with me. ;) 
A few months ago, several fans approached me with a question. Actually, as I would discover later... a GREAT question!
"Will your catch phrase, 'Twitchy Witchy Kisses' have it's own design?"
I toyed with the idea for a while. Should I do this? If I did, wouldn't it make me look like a diva, or an author with a rather large opinion of themselves or something? I allowed more time to pass, but all the while I was looking into trademarking 'my' phrase. 
One night, my hubby came to me and asked me to open my email. When I did, I discovered that he'd already taken it upon himself to start the process. That settled the matter.
So, now I needed to find the right artist to design the logo... it wasn't a hard decision. There was only one person that I would trust with this, Regina Wamba of Mae I Design and Photography! She was already my absolute favorite artist in the world. So,I contacted her immediately and she was off. It didn't take long AT ALL! See for yourselves... she NAILED the Twitchy Witchy Kisses!
Official Logo in black
Official Logo in White
And, because I so super excited... I have a giveaway for you!!!
A Twitchy Witchy Kisses Mug- We all know me and coffee addiction :)
You'll totally be able to rock the TWK t-shirt
I'll signing books in style, and now so can you with the TWK pen!
And... because The Twilight Saga is coming to an end on March 2, 2013 with the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD... I'm throwing in one of those too!!
Make sure you enter the giveaway below! The Twitchy Witch is just itching to give something away!!
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  1. Wow thanks for loving us fans and always be a major part in our world!! Love to one of the greatest Authors out there!!!

  2. Did several! This Witchy really wants a coffee mug!