Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl with The Twitchy Witch

All of you know that I'm an author. 
Some of you even know that I'm a Baltimore native.
Love the hats :)
but how many of you know that I am a die-hard Ravens fan? 
Football, you, K.B. really? Yep! Me. 
I've been a huge football fan all my life. I used to watch the BALTIMORE Colts, BEFORE they got up in the middle of the night and loaded those Mayflower Moving trucks out in Indy. When Baltimore finally obtained a new team... I about blew a gasket from excitement! And this year, my boys are back in the big game... The Superbowl! And, this is not just any Superbowl the head coaches from both teams are brothers... The Harbaughs.
So, you could say this is going to be the "Har-bowl"... except for the fact that my absolute favorite player of all time is retiring and so therefore I dub this game, The Ray Lewis Show!
#52, you have given me many hours of inspiration over your career! 
Thank you, Ray.
As I sit down to watch the infamous 60 minutes to glory, many faces will roll through my mind, but none more so than my mom. She was also a die-hard Ravens fan. She passed away in 2001 from Breast Cancer. In my head, I know it's not really the case, but in my head... they are playing for her.
Let's get'em purple!
I plan on posting (fingers crossed) later tonight that The Baltimore Ravens are SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS!!
As always, until next time...

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