Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Self Publishing 101 #12 Blog Tours

Welcome to this weeks episode of Self-Publishing 101-- Blog Tours!
Grab your notebooks and writing utensils for notes :) Here we go!
The Blog tour checklist
*Media Kit
*Tour Banner
*Rafflecopter Code
*Guest Post

Media Kit template
 Media Kit:
Author Name
Book #1 Title
Book Blurb
Book Cover 
Book #2 Title
Book Blurb
Book Cover

Author Photograph 
Author Bio:

Buy Links:
Smashwords, Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Kobo, Sony, iTunes, etc...
 Stalker Links
Website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blog, etc...
 Trailer Link:
 If you have a trailer (Those are VERY helpful!)
Rafflecopter Code:
***This is the general set up for a media kit. When sending the email to your blog hosts make sure to send ARC's (Advanced Reader Copies, if you're comfortable with that.) Also, any other promotional graphics you would like them to add to their posts.

*Click HERE to sign up for Rafflecopter

*Blog Tour Companies that Jenn and I have been able to research and recommend*

*** Remember, whether hiring a tour company or planning one yourself... the best blog tours are the ones that are the best planned! Take your time, and I'll see you on a blog tour :)

***Next week on Self-Publishing 101 we'll be over at Jenn's blog, Storytime Reviews

Jennifer Malone Wright

K.B. Miller

As always, until next time...
Kymberlee, xoxo

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