Monday, May 27, 2013

My review of Addicted by Jenna Pizzi

Are things ever as they seem?
Riley sets out to start a new life. A life away from the past she longs to leave behind. She finds herself in a new city, with a chance at a new beginning. A recovering drug addict, she finds a local support group that makes her feel welcomed and accepted.
A new job, a new start, new friends, it’s exactly what she needs. Or is it?
When some local group members begin to go missing, Riley begins to feel as though she’s being watched. Will she be tempted to fall into her old patterns, or will she fight the demons that haunt her. Is it all in her mind, or she the victim of something more sinister?

My Review
4 Owls
The concept of this short story is completely fresh. When you're addicted to drugs the professionals encourage you to break ties with the ones that helped you become addicted. In this story, Riley moves from the small town to a big city. But, things are not always as they seem. I loved the storyline, characters and plot and I would have given this shorty 5 stars, but I think the author could make this into a full length suspense/thriller and have a National Bestseller on her hands. 

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