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Mel's Review of Dark Liaison by J.D. Brown

The Ema Marx Series continues with the tantalizing sequel:

Ema Marx wishes her life would go back to normal, but there’s nothing normal about being a Romani-Vampyre with an ancestor who wants you dead. Apollyon is back, wreaking havoc on the lives of everyone she cares about while plotting her demise.

Ema thought she would find a new best friend in her trainer, Bridget, until the exotic vampire vies for Jesu’s attention. Jesu can date who he wants, right? Ema has more important things to worry about, like honing her powers. When Apollyon’s thugs appear out of the shadows to attack her, Ema knows it’s time to take action. But everyone else has other plans in mind.

One thing is for certain, being under house arrest in the German vampyre king’s castle was not part of her plan to save the day.

For the first book in the series, see DARK HEIRLOOM by J.D. Brown

Mel's Review
5 Penguins
Dark Liaison is a excellent edition to the Ema Marx series! J.D. Brown paints such an amazingly detailed picture of the characters and their surroundings it's like you are standing right beside them in the story. I am a huge fan of the characters in this series and was thrilled to meet some very interesting new ones this time around. Now even though the first half of the book was more a look into how Ema was handling everything that has been happening to her and also her confusing feeling for Jesu the second half was an amazing whirlwind of chaos and action both good and bad. And I have to say J.D.'s bad guys and creatures take your imagination to a whole new level! At the end Dark Liaison quickly wraps up to a shocking surprise and it's clear Ema still has a whole lot of growing up to do and some very difficult decisions to make. I really can't wait to find out what happens next and in my opinion Dark Liaison is definitely recommended!

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  1. Kymberlee, I just saw the link to this on Facebook. Thanks so much for the 5 penguins and the fab review. Also, I so totally *heart* your blog, it's adorable, and that header image is amazing. I'm stealing your button and putting it on my blog (which is very dull by comparison)!
    J.D. Brown

  2. Oh, and big thanks to Mel too, for writing the review (I assume? The title says Mel). Anyway, love it. Thank you!