Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chuya's Review for Finding Kia by Airicka Phoenix

Kia Valentines had always accepted the fact that she was a nerd, a nobody. It was a badge she wore with honor, until the day she saved Claudia DeLorenzo’s life and lost herself.
When offered the chance to shed her identity for a single night, Kia never believed it would change her life. It was one night. It meant nothing, or it shouldn't have. But that single night turned out to be her undoing when she finds passion in the arms of the one person she can never have.

Adam Chaves was more than just a gorgeous face, he made her laugh, but more importantly, when he looked at her, she felt like the most beautiful girl on earth. But Adam has no idea that Kia was the girl behind the mask and Kia has no intention of telling him. But a secret could only be kept if no one else knows about it. Claudia knows and she wants something Kia isn't willing to give in order to keep it.

Will Kia succumb? And just how far is Claudia willing to go to get what she wants?

My Review

If I had more handbags to give, I would!
OMG Finding Kia has taken me back to what I now see as a simpler time but man that was SO NOT the case back then. LOL
Airicka Phoenix has captured all those feelings I too had as a teenager. Fading in the background and staying out of dramas way was what Kia found bliss and a happy way of life. I totally get that. I really do.
When she decides that a change is in order, I shouted in my empty house for her as I read it. Lol. I loved this book. Cover to cover. Great read for all ages. Moms, share this book with your daughters and vice versa. Great job Airicka Phoenix! I look forward to reading the next one.
Happy Reading.

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  1. Awww thank you so much darling! I am grinning like a fool with happiness right now. *hugs* You're so amazing!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Awesome review, thank you for sharing!!