Friday, January 10, 2014

Cover Reveal for Vampire for Valentine's Day by K.B. Miller

The third book book in the Magic Library Book series it on its way!!! Please feel free to use the banner and share this as much as possible with all of your friends and little readers <3 ~K.B.

Valentine's Crushes, Castles, and Vampires...

Valentine’s Day in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia will never be the same. When eleven-year-old, Dex Tomlin turns to his nine-year-old best sidekick, Luther Ramirez for advice on girls, he finds out that becoming a sparkly vampire might just be the only way to win Lucy Thompson’s heart.

However, after finding the Magic Library Book, Dex decides the only way to get Lucy’s attention is to become a vampire. Will Luther be able to help his friend, or will Dex stay a vampire forever?

Find out in;
A Vampire for Valentine’s Days.

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  1. Love the cover Kym!!! The boy's look so handsome on the cover <3 <3