Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Review of The Master of Whitehall by Rick Veal

The sweeping saga of The Master of Whitehall is set in historic Charleston, South Carolina. There Katelyn Corbin, a thoroughly modern twenty-one year old college senior, faces the prospect of restarting her life after the brutal murder of her parents. Katelyn journeys from her hometown just outside Atlanta to her new school in Charleston. There she soon discovers love, healing and a brand new life in a most unexpected avenue.
Soon after arriving in Charleston, Katelyn meets James Dubois, a wealthy patron of the arts at her school. She is deeply intrigued by him and his old world aristocratic bearing. She feels as if he has reached out and somehow touched her very soul. Her interest in him intensifies as she learns he is indeed a mysterious man, with very little known about him. For all outward appearances he is a handsome young widower living alone in the beautifully restored colonial plantation of Whitehall Manor.
Their casual friendship soon turns serious, becoming a full on relationship as Katelyn falls madly in love with James. Their lives begin to blend together, twisting and turning, as they continue to grow closer. But James is not the man she thinks he is. After several strange incidents, dark secrets begin to come to the surface. Katelyn soon begins to develop a series of unsettling questions about her new love. She begins searching her own soul for answers, forcing her to question whether or not to continue their relationship. She finally decides that she must know the answers regardless of the outcome to their relationship.
When Katelyn confronts him with her questions she soon discovers James' true nature. His confirmation of her suspicions validates her fears that he was indeed not the man she thought, but the man she feared him to be. His revelations shock her, turning her world view on its side. She is forced to acknowledge things about herself and her world that she never thought possible. She discovers that old folklore and fairy-tales are real in a world where vampires live and love side by side with humans.
Katelyn continues to uncover secrets as she attempts to adjust what she believes is truth. With her new found knowledge, Katelyn soon realizes she must make a choice. Does she continue her relationship with James, becoming a vampire herself, or does she remain human and live without him. Is she strong enough to make either choice?
Katelyn and James invite you to come along on their journey of love. Gaze in awe at their love as it develops and grows stronger for each other. Witness Katelyn’s healing take place as James assists her to close the gaping wounds left by the tragedy of her parent’s murders, giving her full closure in a completely unique manner. Enjoy the story as it reaches a highly emotional and completely unforeseen ending, one that fully illustrates Katelyn's personality of love and care for all those around her.
My Review

When I started this book by Rick Veal I expected the POV to be from the vampire himself but was surprised it was from Katelyn's POV.
Mr. Veal did a really nice job. I hadn't yet read any male authors writing in a woman's POV. 
I liked the history to the vampires story and the setting of Whitehall Manor was a great addition. I can picture the home and am dying to see something like that one day.The love story was nice but a little predictable. There were some characters that came later that I can only assume are for another book because they added nothing major to the story line in my opinion. It flowed nicely just a bit longer than expected. I told my sister about it and she was interested so Rick you have a new potential fan already. Lol.
It's a good story overall and I would recommend it to my vampire/historical/romance liking book worm buddies. Thanks to the author for allowing me to review. I have apologized for dinner being a bit crisoy while reading this as well. Happy Reading.

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