Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why Authors do NOT pay for reviews!

Why Authors don't pay for reviews...
Well, it's quite simple really... because they're NOT legitimate. Allow me to explain.

When a reader/reviewer/blogger is given a copy of our books in exchange for an honest review... that's what we get. It might not be pretty or even what we were hoping for, however it is real.

If we PURCHASE a review from a company, they always give 5 stars and glowing reviews, gushing over the author and book. I hate to break it to you... some of our books, don't deserve those 'glowing' reviews. NOT everyone is going to love your work. RIGHT NOW... STOP, toughen your skin, you'll need it. Sometimes, we need to go back to school, take a creative writing course and hit the drawing board again, or in our case the mapping board again. 

If I spot a paid review, I will turn it into Amazon immediately. These do not help our industry. PLEASE DO NOT DO THEM!!! That is all!!
Work for connections, work for your reviews... they will come in. Probably not as quickly as you would like, but they will be legit.
I love my community and don't want to give the nay sayers any reason to delegitimize our hard work~~~

As always, until next time...


  1. Honest reviews for an honest day's work...well much more than a day, but you get the gist. ;)