Thursday, September 19, 2013

Westminster, Maryland book signing!

This past Saturday, I had a signing at the Westminster, Maryland Public Library! It was awesome!!! Thanks in large part to the librarian, Arlene! It was called "Local Reads". They are featuring a litany of local authors every Saturday. I was lucky enough to be one of them!

Here's the view from outside

When participating in a signing, always have a friend surprise you the way one of my besties, Montlake author, Cat Miller did by showing up!

Always take fun pictures, (featuring the horrendous duck-face) when at a book signing!

Podiums. Podiums are important to speak, and they are fabulous for your friends to take pictures of you standing away from them ;)

Candy. Candy is ALWAYS great to get people's attention, or to divert from the fact that you are not the greatest at public speaking ;)

Make sure to bring things OTHER than books to sign.

Of course, bring books!

Shiny objects to distract people from your horrendous speaking abilities ;) (Thank you, Danielle's Dazzling Designs!)

 Make sure that you bring a sign up sheet for your street team!

And, if all else fails... bring cute kids. People LOVE kids! (Thanks Sam and Monkey) Notice his hat? He's moms' personal security when his daddy is not around ;)

The hubs took the following two pictures after the signing :) Love you babe!

Needless to say, I had a blast! Thank you to all of you!!!

As always, until next time...

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